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It’s not a dream if it’s a memeplex: Tim’s Unified Theory of HoX/PoX

The twin miniseries of House of X and Powers of X have been dramatically reshaping the world of the X-Men. Written by Jonathan Hickman, with art by Pepe Larraz, R.B. Silva, Clayton Cowles and Marte Gracia, the series look set to define the direction of the X-Men line and beyond for years to come.

The comics are filled with bold new ideas, symbolism and hints at what’s to come, but even as they draw to a close, there are more questions than answers. Like the rest of the comics-reading world, I’ve been devouring every issue, and slowly piecing together ideas in my head. This is (most of) what I have so far, assembled into a working theory (or at least a reading) of what Hickman is drawing on, and where it may lead.

Spoilers for House of X #1-5 and Powers of X #1-5, obv.

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Tim + Alex Recommend: The Best of 2019’s First Half

As part of the Patreon bonus content, we’ve been writing monthly recs. Having brought that to an end at pretty much the midpoint of the year, it seemed like a good time to recap our very favourite things (and write-ups) from the first six months of 2019.

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2019, Six Months, Ten Tracks Mix

Back at the turn of the half-year, I made a mix of some favourite tracks from the year so far. I posted it on Patreon, along with short write-ups of each track, but now that’s shut down I figured some of you might like to read/listen/tell me why I’m wrong. Enjoy!

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Carly Rae Jepsen – Dedicated

The below was originally published on the Tim + Alex Patreon page. As that’s now defunct and even backers can’t access the content, it seemed worth putting up here, for posterity or whatever.

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Tim + Alex Recommend: One Last Time

Hey there! The Tim + Alex Patreon has been closed for a month now, and we’ve got a few things we owe. Because shutting down a Patreon page means you can’t post on it any more, we’ll be putting them up here, starting with one last month of recommendations. These are June’s picks, kind of. Honestly, it’s been A Whole Time.

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Comic Book Classroom Gets TWATD

Look at us, we made a podcast!

Tim + Alex teamed up with Comic Book Classroom, a podcast that recaps histories of comics titles, teams and characters, for something a bit special. 44 issues of The Wicked + The Divine, as a 45-minute radio play, with jokes and sketches and really far too much thought poured into it.

It’s called Comic Book Classroom Gets TWATD, and we’re incredibly proud of it. With the final issue dropping next week, this is the perfect way of reminding yourself which bits to cry at.

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Tim + Alex Kill the Marvel Cinematic Universe – Guardians of the Galaxy

The MCU turns ten, and decides it’s time to leave home and head out into space. How does the cinematic universe cope with going cosmic, and more importantly, have Tim and Alex made up after their Winter Soldier disagreement?


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Eye on Springfield: The Simpsons, Season Seven

Welcome back to our season-by-season look at the official Greatest TV Show of All Time. It’s an odd-numbered season, which in Simpsons tradition means all change. But what happens when fans are the ones running the show?

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Tim + Alex Get TWATD #43: “Heroes” + “Villains”

Once more, we return with two essays on the latest issue of The Wicked + The Divine. Issue #43 brought us another step closer to the series’ conclusion, with a number of the final plot points falling into place. Tim takes a look at how these revelations fit in with the themes we’ve previously explored, while Alex has a big ol’ think about WicDiv’s succession of villains.

Spoilers all the way up to the end of issue #43, after the cut.

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Chosen Ones, Round 7: Cordelia/Kendra, Kate/Gates & Miller, Joyce/Holland, Riley/Adam

The world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel is an expansive one filled with fascinating characters, from the leading protagonists to bit players who leave a big impression. To sort the Slayers from the Slayerettes, Alex, Tim + guest Buffyverse expert Imi Spencer-Dale have bracketed up 64(ish) characters, seeded them based on the number of episodes they appear in, and will be eliminating them one at a time in a knockout-style tournament.

Who will be the actual Chosen One? Follow us as we find out…

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