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Tim + Alex Get TWATD #35: Stuck on Repeat + Deities in Disguise

Once more we return, with the now-regular format of two monthly essays focusing on the most recent issue of The Wicked + The Divine. This time out, Alex takes a close look at the issue’s return to a familiar scene, and Tim delves into the latest revelations about Baal, and how they play into the series’ themes of identity, divinity and performance.

Spoilers right up to issue #35 below the cut.

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Tim + Alex Get TWATD #34: Lost Connections + Unresponsive Narrators

Once more, we return. Once more, we have changed formats. It’s for a good reason, though – we managed to hit the first stretch goal on our brand new Patreon, which means Tim + Alex will be writing one essay each, every time a new issue of WicDiv drops. With a bit of luck, this will remain our format for the rest of the series – but you know what we’re like.

(Warning: Below the cut are lots and lots of spoilers for everything up to issue #34. Also, much wankery.)

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Tim + Alex Get TWATD: Putting on a Show

Here’s an incredibly obvious statement: The Wicked + The Divine is a comic about performance. Like, yeah, dude, do you remember the very first double-page spread? It’s like page 10 of issue #1.

‘Performance’ is always the word WicDiv chooses for the gods doing their artistic thing. Not show, or concert, or act. Most likely, that’s to help separate it from music – especially important when dealing with past pantheons, with their writer gods, cinema gods, theatre gods and so on – but I think it’s a telling choice.

Look at what Ananke – who is presumably the arbiter of this vocabulary – has to say about performance, in issue #9:She means that it’s easier to decapitate a god when they’re performing, but it makes sense because of the truth in the underlying metaphor. Art is a way of bearing your soul to people, and doing that live, with people in the room, who probably paid to be there? Well, I’m just thankful I’m a writer.

This isn’t the only kind of performance in WicDiv, though. There’s also a kind that has the opposite effect: performed identity.

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Top 5 Comics of 2017

We’re now staring down the barrel of 2018, so it’s time for a few non-music recommendations from the year gone by. Here are five of the comics I enjoyed most in 2017, in no particular order.

There is a glaring exception in the form of The Wicked + The Divine but frankly I have already spent more than enough words on that comic this year. If you want to read us going on about WicDiv, head here. Otherwise, see you below the cut.

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Tim + Alex Get TWATD #6: Hangovers, Covers, Death, Themes, Death

Guess who’s back with a brand new site? Yup, it’s the internet’s leading source of Wicked + Divine nonsense, Tim + Alex Get TWATD. Before we took to Tumblr (which will remain our primary home), TWATD ran as three-essays-at-a-time collections on Alex’s personal blog.

Once more, we return to that format. Except bigger, because Imperial Phase.

(Warning: Below the cut are lots and lots of spoilers for WicDiv issues #29-33. Also, much wankery.)

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