Look at us, we made a podcast!

Tim + Alex teamed up with Comic Book Classroom, a podcast that recaps histories of comics titles, teams and characters, for something a bit special. 44 issues of The Wicked + The Divine, as a 45-minute radio play, with jokes and sketches and really far too much thought poured into it.

It’s called Comic Book Classroom Gets TWATD, and we’re incredibly proud of it. With the final issue dropping next week, this is the perfect way of reminding yourself which bits to cry at.

Listen to it on Spotify here.

Or on Soundcloud here.

Or on Apple Podcasts here.

Or, y’know, just search your podcast app of choice for ‘Comic Book Classroom’. You won’t regret it – unless you’ve got an aversion to puns, in which case this podcast may be detrimental to your health.

Our Pantheon (clockwise from top):

Michael Garvey-Eckett (Woden + writing)

Amy Garvey-Eckett (Morrigan, Amaterasu + writing)

Sabina Stent (Persephone)

Tim Maytom (Baphomet + writing)

Imogen Spencer-Dale (Ananke/Minerva)

Emma Graveling (Tara)

Alex Spencer (Mimir + writing)

Umar Ditta (Dionysus)

Mia Henry (Urðr)

Laura Holland (Lucifer)

Adam Sherif (Baal, Inanna + music)

Robin Harman (Producer + editor extraordinaire)