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Tim + Alex Get TWATD #6: Hangovers, Covers, Death, Themes, Death

Guess who’s back with a brand new site? Yup, it’s the internet’s leading source of Wicked + Divine nonsense, Tim + Alex Get TWATD. Before we took to Tumblr (which will remain our primary home), TWATD ran as three-essays-at-a-time collections on Alex’s personal blog.

Once more, we return to that format. Except bigger, because Imperial Phase.

(Warning: Below the cut are lots and lots of spoilers for WicDiv issues #29-33. Also, much wankery.)

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Top 40 Songs of 2017: 40-31

It’s December, and that means there are only two types of music that are acceptable listening. Christmas songs, and all of your favourite stuff from the past 12 months. In that vein, we’d like to offer up a weekly partwork of 2017’s very finest tunes. Each week from now until New Year, collect 10 new tracks to build your own Tim + Alex Top 40 playlist!

You can find your first 10-track playlist here, and read the full list after the cut.

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