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Best of the 2010s, Part Two: The Top Ten

Once more we return to the 2010s, for our countdown of the twenty best things – as in, albums, comics, games and other pop cultural artefacts – that were released during it. You can find entries #20-11 here, but join us below the cut as we climb to the very summit of the decade. Warning: it gets emotional.

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The Best of the 2010s: The Decade in 150 Tracks

The 2010s continue to be over! And I continue to be in denial. What do you mean my boyish good looks have faded, and it’s only downhill for both my body and the world it inhabits from here? Pfft. No. That’s just… that’s silly.

Anyway, to mark the end of my youth the decade, I’ve put together a playlist of 150 of my favourite songs of the 2010s. Or, at least, the ones that feel most emblematic of what I listened to during those years.

Usual rules apply: one track per artist. Well, kind of. You might notice some names crop up more than once, but not as the lead artist. This is the closest I get to not cheating.

Oh, and there is at least one notable fiddling of the dates (see if you can spot it!) but after many long nights of consideration, I’ve left it on there because I failed to put it on my 2000s playlist and it gave me an excuse to listen to it a dozen more times.

Also, because I decided to make the playlist in Spotify, it’s limited by what’s currently available on there. And, to be fair, very possibly by general forgetfulness. Blame it on my old age.

There’s a widget for listening to this mixtape masterpiece above, and below you’ll find the full countdown of tracks (as it currently runs, anyway, I reserve the right to get all revisionist in the future).

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Best of the 2010s, Part One: #20-11

The decade is over. Long live the decade. Tim + Alex have been doing end-of-year stuff together since [checks notes] December 2010, so doing something to mark the end of the 2010s seemed inevitable. That we’d do it with our usual tardiness and slight over-committal, equally so.

So we put our heads together, came up with a definitive list of the twenty best things made between January 2010 and December 2019, and came up with this. Below you’ll find the first half, and we’ll be posting our top ten shortly afterwards. Enjoy, and we hope you’re having a happy new year.

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